How To: Using the Recruit-a-Friend Feature

Using Recruit-a-Friend is very easy. When partied up with a player, you both get double XP when near each other (for a total of 6x XP). Once you’re on the Recruit-a-Friend panel, you will be prompted by the following message:

At the top, you can see your Recruit-a-Friend ID. In this example, the ID is 1. To enable Recruit-a-Friend, insert the ID of the person you want to level with in the text box below and click connect. If the ID is correct, you should get this message:

In this example, we linked ID 1 to ID 4. This means that the person playing on account ID 1 will get the Recruit-a-Friend bonus when in a party and close to the person playing on account ID 4.

The person with account ID 4 must go and do the same thing, inputting account ID 1 into their text box. If they do not, only account ID 1 will get the bonus XP.

You’re now done. It’s that easy! You may unlink your account from the other person’s at any time and link yourself with another account.

Happy levelling!