1. What is flexible progression?

When we say flexible progression, we're talking about releasing a new tier of content “when it feels right”. If we were to stick to Blizzard's schedule, we would end up with too short of an Ulduar tier – which would be a shame – and too long of a Trial of the Crusader tier – which would also be a shame – so instead we are going to release raids keeping in mind how far along the current tier's progression most of the community is.

  1. How does the Omega System work?

The Omega System is one of our most unique features. Instead of having to go out of the game and vote, you acquire your points in-game. We decided the vote shop was redundant, but wanted to keep the reward system in place. The system works almost the same: You get points, you buy things in the shop. The only difference is how you acquire points. Here is the current acquisition scheme:

  • 1 point every 3 hours of playing

  • 1 point from the first random dungeon of the day

  • 3 points from the most recent-end boss

  • 2 points from the first random battleground win of the day

  • 2 points from the fifth arena win of the day

  1. What are Community Challenges?

Community Challenges are a new system we are introducing as an interface to community-wide challenges which unlock community-wide rewards. Basically, a challenge will either ask you to achieve something, or gather enough ‘somethings' or any other similar task. The whole server participates in this, and progress can be tracked on the main website. Once all challenge criteria is met, the challenge is completed and the whole community gains access to this award. For our first Community Challenge, the criteria is all race / class Ream Firsts, and the reward is unlocking Recruit-A-Friend for the whole server.

  1. Are there any custom changes?

We refrain from making many custom changes in order to keep things as Blizzlike as necessary. That said, we will be making tuning changes to Naxxramas (and perhaps other raids in the future) to buff them and bring them in line with the difficulty they should have been at in 3.0. Between 3.0 and 3.3.5a there were a lot of class buffs, and even some nerfs to Naxxramas, which turned the instance into a trivial adventure. We will also be tuning a few things surrounding arenas, in order to make them more appealing and increase activity, but more on that later.

  1. How can I be part of the staff?

Any job listings we have open can be found here. Whenever we open up more jobs, we will also announce it over Discord.

  1. Who do I contact with my [very specific] problem?

If you're unsure which staff member is best suited to help you with your problem, check the following list and pick whoever seems most appropriate: Staff Tasks & Responsibilities

  1. How do I activate Recruit-a-Friend?

Recruit-a-Friend will become available once the Realm First race is over. This section will be updated with instructions as soon as the feature is released.

  1. Am I allowed to stream myself playing on OmegaWoW?

Yes. Give us a shout and if you stream regularly, we will add you to our list of streamers. We would also like to say to be cautious when streaming, especially on Twitch. As Twitch is in direct partnership with Blizzard, streaming private servers needs to be done… rather on the down-low. We would recommend YouTube as a safer (but still not completely safe) platform for streaming.

  1. Which platforms does OmegaWoW use for communication?

Our news first make their way on our in-house platforms (Discord, website, forum), and then on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Any videos we have will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.

  1. Will there ever be gear in the shops?

The only gear we're adding to the shop will be heirlooms, a little while after the server launches (around March-April). You will never see end-game items. No one will have the Wrathful Gladiator's Sunderer or Glorenzelg, High Blade of the Donor, without earning them fair and square.

  1. How do I report / look at bugs?

We have just recently opened our Issue Tracker. You can access it through the forum or by clicking the following link: Decade's database for bug reports and fixes.

  1. Where is the server located?

The server is located in Germany.

  1. What is OmegaWoW's release schedule?

The picture below should provide all the answers you are looking for (dates subject to change):

  1. Are forum and in-game accounts linked?

No, they are separate. You will need to make separate accounts for each platform.