Once again reborn, we are proud to announce a new chapter in OmegaWoW's history. With a new core, legacy rates, unique features and expanded team, we are looking forward to welcoming all of you to this decade's sensation.


Our new rates are 3X for leveling, 2X reputation and 2X honor, and a tripled drop rate for world loot! Grind in style relaxed, knowing that Damaged Necklace you've been shedding Onslaught blood for is right around the corner!


Gone are the days of dragging through Trial of the Crusader for 6 months! We have tinkered with (and will continue to adjust) our patch progression formula to make sure there's never a dull moment while you're out of Dalaran on a work trip! The first weeks of launch will focus on the realm first race, then dive straight into Obsidian Sanctum, Naxxramas, and Eye of Eternity!


We're overhauling how content is released! While things like new raids will take a while to unlock, the community can work together completing various objectives to unlock in-game bonuses such as Recruit-a-Friend, Transmogrification, and several special events!


Recruit-A-Friend has been a rare sighting, but it's making a long-awaited arrival to OmegaWoW! Once the realm first race is mostly complete, Recruit-A-Friend will unlock for everyone to boost that friend who was on the fence about playing World of Warcraft!

*Unlocks once the realm firsts for race and class have been claimed.


As per tradition, Transmogrification makes its way back to OmegaWoW. While traditionally implemented during the later stages of progression, this time around Transmogrification will be unlocked through players completing the related Community Challenge! More details on the challenge itself to follow.


It's no secret OmegaWoW has always had a hard time finding developers, but that streak ends now! With a dedicated development team and an almost bug-free core, there'll be no need to call the exterminator! We will soon open beta testing, so stay connected with us through our website or Discord if you're interested in helping!


With OmegaWoW entering a new era, a face-lift is in order! The website and forum have been completely redone, giving it the sleek modern looks it deserves. The forum is now operated on Invision Power, a strong forum software capable of countless more tasks, including Guild support!


We still have a few details to go through, but there's a lot more we have left to announce! This incarnation of OmegaWoW will be filled with fun, new adventures (while keeping things as Blizzlike as we can, of course!) and great memories. And who knows, there might even be a bug war on the sandy horizon...