The Obsidian Sanctum and the Vault if Archavon have been opened. Arena Season 5 has begun.

OmegaWoW is now in full killing, looting, and pillaging season! Control Wintergrasp to access the Vault, create an arena team to smite foes and friends alike, and go in and out of The Obsidian Sanctum as you please!

Arena teams start at a base 1000 rating, to help the venue be more active. We also have a little something extra planned, but more details on that later.

We also want to let you all know we have reverted the change to the gold drop rate from 2x to 1x, due to some unforeseen complications. While we address the issue, we have instead reduced the price of all class spells by 33%.

Thanks for sticking with us, and I hope you are all as excited as we are for this content drop, and for buffed Naxxramas, coming next week!

Happy hunting!