Less than a week is left before first stage of patch 3.2 - Call of the Crusade launch. Here I'd like to share with you more details about upcoming patch.

In the first stage (17.07.2019 18:00 Server Time) we will release Trial of the Champion dungeon as well as Onyxia's Lair raid. Beshides that Ulduar will be set to it's 3.3.5 state (post-nerf), to allow players to catch up on content.

We will also upload miscellaneous updates to Argent Tournament and professions (such as prospecting Titanium and the addition of Epic Gems).
And there's one more thing that will happen then. We will allow character transfers from other servers. Week before ToC launch is the best time to join our server. You'll have enough time to catch up on items. Of course we won't allow players to bring their whole characters. We will give them a token that allow them to boost one character to lvl 80 and get basic gear for their class and specialization so they'll be able to go on raids or battlegrounds/arenas. This won't be the best gear so there will be no favoriting new players.

Ending of Furious Gladiator season is scheduled at 16.07, 23:00 Realm Time after the additional arena flush. We will backup all rankings and the Season Summary will be posted after looking trough the data. This is a long process so it may take up to one week.
What will be reset: Honor, Arena Points, Wintergrasp Mark of Honor, Stone Keeper's Shards, Commendation of Bravery,Wintergrasp Commendation.

In the second stage (24.07.2019 18:00 Server Time) we will release Trial of the Crusader raid.
Vault of Archavon will be reset on 24.07.2019 and closed to 18:00 due to implementing the new boss - Koralon the Flame Watcher.

Other changes in 3.2:
Argent Tournament:
- NPC Dame Evniki Kapsalis added.
- Crusader daily quests for players with <Crusader> title will be available.
- Sunreavers (Horde) / Silver Covenant (Alliance) daily quests added (check requirements).
- Black Knight's chain added 2 quests.

- Knight Dameron and Stone Guard Mukar will sell 232iLvl legs for 40x Wintergrasp Mark of Honor and rings and wrists (226 iLvl) for 15x Wintergrasp Mark of Honor.

- Titanium Ore - beshides the standard drop, it has 75% chance to drop Titanium Powder and 3.3% chance of epic gem drop.
- All epic gems added to Icy Prism loot table with 1.17% drop chance.
- Captain O'Neal and Lady Palanseer are going to sell epic gems, 10000 Honor Points each. Rare gems will get removed.
- Magistrix Lambriesse, Arcanist Ivrenne, Harold Winston are going to sell epic gems for Emblems of Heroism.
- Cardinal Ruby quest is going to be available.
- Transmute: Titanium will have 8h cooldown.
- Alchemy trainers will teach you how to transmute epic gems.