We will have a server restart today morning to implement fetishes throughout the world. Fetishes are simply a currency. I'm not telling you where they're dropping from.

You can get the Fetish of Nightmares from 9 sources.
You can get the Fetish of Destruction from 9 different sources.

Every fetish in every person's inventory will count towards the total displayed on the website.

Once you start discovering sources for Fetishes, I will begin updating the Community Challenge log on the website with your findings.

The counter will be updated once a day.

A couple hints to help you start (Remember, the challenge starts tomorrow):
- Hunt your fetish in groups.
- There is no second hint.

Happy hunting!

In other news, the buffs for the next four bosses of Naxxramas have been released: Click here.

In other other news, our Staff applications are still open! You can read through them here, and apply if you are interested in any of the positions: Click here.

Kind regards,
OmegaWoW Staff