What’s next with the Decades realm?

We are sorry that the shortage of updates, mess in the administration team and unexpected changes resulted in players quitting the server and now basically the whole project is becoming lifeless.

We are aware that some of the people who used to be a part of the administration made bad decisions, a lot of things that happened should have never happened. We don’t want to point fingers on anyone directly. There used to be some GM team members that purposefully made decisions that harmed the server and it’s community, everybody who is familiar with the case will know who we are referring to.

There is also a bright side to it, We are now able to see which members did well and actually cared about the project and community. To name a few: Noxious, Aegean, Marcelo, bordoo, Jack, Shepherd, Nurelion , Raydev, VengeanceZ, Pudge and everyone else who worked really hard for the server to be a great place that it used to be.

We are extremely grateful for all the work they did and We hope they will be invited by Marcelo to work on his new project!

We would also like to highlight all the hard work that We did to the game emulator resulting in a bugless, fluent gameplay. It was even better after Marcelo joined the developers team. He is a great developer with a wide knowledge of programming and WoW emulator. This all allowed to create flawless Ulduar or Icecrown experience that you all know today.

A couple weeks ago, Marcelo came up with a new initiative to make use of this emulator because he felt that all the hard work spent of development is getting wasted. Marcelo and We want all the changes to be as painless as possible for the current players of OmegaWoW because we believe that the worst thing to do is wasting one’s time.

To sum up: 

  1. Decades server will be live until 31th of December 2020 with the registration and donation closed in order to allow the players to transfer to any server that has the option to do so. 
  2. Every OmegaWoW player who has at least one character on 80 level is going to receive a unique mount and 100 premium points for him to spend on the new Marcelo’s project store.

Marcelo's new project is going to use the solid foundations that were laid when developing OmegaWoW, namely the emulator, stable hosting and most importantly the experience gained during his work here.

Have a look at the sneak peak of his new project below!

Marcelo wishes his new project to be done Another Way, without all the bad decisions that led to what is now left of Decades realm. 

Another Way will also be the first project to feature detailed Blizzlike quality put together with High Rates. Marcelo believes it to be a breath of fresh air on the private WoW servers stage.

  1. The rates are going to be x9 and the experience will be focused around post-leveling gameplay.

  2. The server is going to release not later than 31th of December 2019!

  3. Please stay tuned for more information coming soon from Marcelo!

To sum up We would like to thank everyone who supported OmegaWoW, We hope the time here was as unforgettable and well spend for you as it was for us. It has been an awesome journey for us despite all the downsides. As said before We will be removing the option to register new accounts on OmegaWoW now and the realm will be supported until the end of 2020 to allow people to transfer their characters to another server.

We wish all the best to Marcelo's new project and We hope OmegaWoW players will find a new home there!