1:1 Migration from all servers!!

We offer now 1:1 full migration of characters from all servers.

So migrate your chars now to Omegawow and make it your new home.
In case you want to Migrate a whole guild, contact Maestro on the forum for special fast deals!
Also if your server is dying, we will offer streamlined faster migration then any other server out there..
We will prioritize your migration in such cases!!

Get rewarded for every 15 minutes that you play

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 01 Dec : 11:31

You get now rewarded for every 15 minutes that you are playing on OmegaWoW
You get 25 silver, 20 honor points and 3 Arena Points.

So Enjoy

thanks go out to mthsena for the script.

Get free Donation Points!!

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 06 Oct : 09:53

Get now Donation Points without paying.
This is a great way for those people that want donation points but dont have or want to donate money.
When you go to the omegapanel and click on donate in the upper menu the donation page loads.
Normally you can only select there some payment options and how much donation points you want.
Now below that you see various offers.
If you complete those offers you get donation points in return, those will be offered by the compagnies that offer you those surveys or products.
We want to be clear, it can take some time before you get those points, its beyond Omegawow so we cant control anything thats there.

Special weekend Oktober 4th & 5th

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 03 Oct : 23:43

Xp rate will be double this weekend due last month voting.
so xp for kill/quest/explore will be 10x instead of 5x.


Faction change 25% off this weekend

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 05 Sep : 10:27

25% off the price of Faction change this weekend.
So now its not 250 points but 187 points to change your faction!.
ONLY this weekend!!

Happy Weekend

Posted by: Maestro
Date: 05 Sep : 10:21

Due last month voting we have this weekend the following rates
Xp rate 10x for kill/quest/explore.


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